Offshore Bank Accounts

Offshore investment account

Offshore investment account provides offshore investor with wide range of offshore investment products to choose from. Unlike offshore savings account, offshore investment account provides less limited opportunities both in terms of risks and earnings. There are thousands of offshore investment funds, offshore bonds and other offshore investment vehicles, and most offshore banks and most offshore banks provide its customers with wide access to them. These offshore investment instruments are flexible enough to fit around today's changing lifestyles. However with offshore investment account the customer should be prepared for higher initial investments and less liquidity of funds placed to such account. Offshore bank will not allow this account to be used as offshore business account. Too frequent inward and outward transactions may be penalized by additional fees and penalties. The main difference between offshore and onshore investment accounts is taxation as well as the fact that offshore banks normally provide wider choice of the investment products. Investor protection laws are in place in every offshore jurisdiction, and some of them are even more strict than in many countries not specialising in offshore investment products.

Most people who take advantage of offshore investment & savings accounts are expatriates or those who live in a tax free country, or those who lead international lifestyle, living, working, and traveling through multiple locations. For them, saving and investing offshore makes a lot of sense and brings certain benefits.