Offshore Banks

Barclays Bank

Barclays Bank is another giant of the offshore banking with international presence in most places in the world. Barclays Wealth provide complete range of offshore banking services both for international banking and private banking needs.

The international network of Barclays covers more than 60 countries with teams based in key financial jurisdictions including the Channel Islands, Switzerland, Dubai and Asia to support the offshore business. Multi-jurisdictional offshore banking is also supported by banks and branches in such offshore jurisdictions as Cyprus, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Singapore and Seychelles.

The offshore bank accounts in Barclays normally are opened with assistance of professional introducers – lawyers, accounts, financial and tax advisors. Many offshore intermediaries provide also the offshore bank account management services for their customers. Barclays has more than 500 intermediary clients in offshore locations, and more than 50,000 accounts managed by professional intermediaries.