Choosing Offshore Bank

Reputation of the Offshore Bank

Perhaps the most important criteria. First of all, this is hard-earned reputation among other depositors and investors who trusted their money and their financial privacy to the bank. Such reputation is created not in one day, and its basis is excellent service and client satisfaction.

Secondly, this is reputation in the opinion of international financial community and qualitative performance of internationally agreed standard of fight against money laundering. If the offshore bank is “too good” for its customers, and violates know-your-customer requirements, there is very high risk that one day there could be international conflict with International regulatory organisations, as a result of which such bank can lose its ability to provide some part of services where access to the international financial system is needed. Today the world is very small, and no offshore bank can provide comprehensive business banking or investment banking services without access to global international players. Therefore it is important that your offshore bank has good track record when servicing its customers, as well as good reputation in the opinion of other organizations controlled by international financial system.