Selecting Introducer

Nominee services

Many offshore bank account introducers provide additional services that banks do not provide, for example:

In such situation the bank account introducer is not just performing the functions of  intermediary, but is providing substantial part of offshore services, mostly related to the privacy of the customer. When providing these services, offshore bank is clearly informed about the beneficial owner of the company, however person's name does not appear in public or semipublic documents (offshore bank account name, executive person signing the agreements, shareholder of the company, mailing address etc.). The offshore bank wouldn’t be able to provide such services without offshore bank introducers of this kind.

Offshore banks usually tend to build close relations with professional intermediaries and have the agreements with them where interests and liabilities of both sides are described in details. Offshore services providers ensuring nominee services usually receive additional payments from the offshore banks, which are more often calculated as percentage from customer’s transactions turnover, or the percentage from the account balance, or from the combination of these parameters with the amount of transactions. So, professional offshore intermediary can receive its commissions not only from customer but also from the offshore bank. Together with additional revenues, offshore services provider bears substantial amount of responsibility. In most situations the reponsibility to obtain proper identification documents and due diligence informaiton from customer is delegated by the bank to this professional intermediary.

When selecting offshore service provider which will act not only as assistant with offshore bank account opening but also as nominee person which, on the one hand, should defend privacy of the customer and, on the other hand, should have access to your finances at the bank account (for example when working as offshore bank account signatory), the top important question is whether this service provider is regulated by strict legislation of serious offshore jurisdiction. Of course there is reputation and references from other customers, but if such offshore service provider having access to your finances is not regulated like offshore bank, there is much higher risk that customer can lose all the money placed on offshore bank account.