Selecting Introducer

Assistance in opening the offshore bank account

One of the most visible functions of offshore bank account introducer is providing assistance when filling out offshore bank account applications.

Some offshore banks have straight-forward bank account opening procedure and forms, but there is plenty of offshore banks where customer is given document containing up to 100 pages, and he/she himself should find there which documents are mandatory for his particular situation and what information is expected to be filled in. Each error in this documents made by customer means additional questions, additional weeks of time, and additional delivery expenses. Therefore it is good to have a professional who can quickly answer all your questions, sort out which documents to complete and perhaps partially fill out the forms in accordance with documents provided by the customer. Offshore bank account introducers normally check the documents by e-mail or fax before sending originals to the bank. This function of offshore bank account introducer normally ends when the bank account is completely opened. After that moment the customer works directly with offshore banks.

When choosing the offshore bank account introducer for this service, it is important to know if this introducer is located in the same city as the offshore bank you are opening account with. Co-located offshore service provider and offshore bank usually will give much quicker turnaround time and higher quality, because personal contacts and quick delivery of documents is still very valuable asset even in the modern electronic world.

Good Reputation and references from other customers are perhaps the most important criteria when choosing offshore professional for assistance with offshore bank account opening.