Offshore Bank Account Opening

Opening bank account offshore can provide privacy and asset protection for you and your business. To start offshore banking, you may need more information about opening an offshore bank account. There is no sense in opening a bank account offshore if it is of no use for you, so you need to understand some general advantages of banking offshore.

With the use of an offshore bank account and depending on account holder's individual personal circumstances, it is possible to reduce tax liability, increase wealth potential and maximise privacy. Other benefits are flexibility, ease of access; asset protection, estate planning, better interest rates and the chance to exploit active business interests on the global scale.

The most important thing is that anyone is free to open an offshore bank account, and it is not that complicated procedure. However, each individual's circumstances are unique, and a person should seek direct professional advice before being involved into the offshore world. On this site, we do not provide any advice, but give the general information.

The main steps/considerations for getting the most appropriate offshore bank account:

  1. selecting offshore Jurisdiction;
  2. selecting offshore Introducer;
  3. selecting offshore Bank;
  4. selecting offshore Bank Account Type;
  5. Offshore Bank Account opening